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Overwhelmed staff? I can help.
Looming deadlines? I can help.
Work alone but overloaded? I can help.
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Paula Dunigan Bland

Florida Registered Paralegal

If you are like most firms, you have periods of time:
When you have a large influx of new cases;
When every deadline seems to fall within the same period of time;
When your staff is simply overwhelmed; and/or
When you just need a little help.

Why go through any of these things, when you can simply engage the services of Freelance of Tampa, LLC, to get through it with no further commitment?
Why not give Freelance of Tampa, LLC, a try?
Every job is an individual commitment.
You engage Freelance of Tampa, LLC, to complete a task, the task is handled, returned to you, you remit payment and you’re done.

You like the work? Use Freelance of Tampa, LLC, again, and tell your fellow attorneys about us.

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25+ years of experience and I can help you with

Document preparation
Document Review
Document Redaction
Document efiling and services
Handling all things paralegal
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